Pronounced /Appəl-TOO-ICKS/!

Apple2ix emulator temporarily converts your modern desktop computer or mobile device into a vintage 1987 “Platinum” 128Kb Apple //e computer!

General features:

  • Fullscreen and windowed OpenGL graphics
  • Nearly real-time audio output for emulated speaker and Mockingboard
  • Various options to tweak virtual machine performance (slowing down or speeding up emulation as desired) – now you can finally win those really difficult arcade games 😉
  • Support for joystick and gamepad devices
  • Emulation of joystick device with keypad keys
  • Licensed under the GNU GPL v3.0

Android Version

Please see the Android information page.

Linux and UN*X desktop version(s)

Currently you can ./configure, make, and make install from source… 😉

Disk Images

There are various websites on the ‘net dedicated to preserving computing history for posterity. Chances are you will have luck finding disk images from the Apple ][ community at Asimov